Y.F. Silberman

Manager Operations

"A negative mind will never give a positive life"

His motto, “A negative mind will never give a positive life”, describes Yuri completely. His endless energy and Amsterdam humour make him a facilitator, especially at work within his team. Before he joined DLR in 2011, Yuri was the Site Manager at Schiphol for Kone BV. Although working at Schiphol was dynamic and he learned a lot from it, after 14 years at Kone BV, Yuri decided that it was time for something new.

“I wanted to work for a smaller organisation where I could actually have a role in its development. At DLR, that is possible. In fact, it is necessary. If I let something lie for too long, then it has a direct, visible effect. Even though this brings responsibility, we actually all work together to get it done. What I find special about my work is that, everyday, a group of people come together – sometimes digitally sometimes by phone – who do everything to help our clients as well as possible.”

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