Ing. R.L.J. Cornelis


"Anything can be talked about"

After his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Richard began working for Deerns as a Specialist in Transport installations in a design and project management role. When he came into contact with DLR in 2015, he decided to ‘have a chat’.

“What attracted me was the possibility to help build on the knowledge of project management and façade maintenance installations at DLR, which was, at that point, very limited. I thought this was a great challenge, in addition to the fact that there is a good, informal atmosphere at the company that greatly appealed.”

Richard has already been involved in larger projects for both transport installations and new-builds as a Project Manager. “I like the variation in my work. I have contact with many different parties inside and outside DLR and am never bored. If I ever think now we have already had the weirdest thing, then something weirder happens. But that keeps us sharp!” Additionally, Richard is a member of the Commission Safety Facade Installations (CVG).

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