Ing. R.A.B. Geradts


"Most people never reach what they want because they don’t say what they want"

“Most people never reach what they want to because they don’t say what they want” is unmistakably Reinier’s motto. “Of course, it wasn’t always this. I also thought ‘don’t just use words, but use deeds’ for a long time. But now I have realised that I don’t have to do everything myself – especially the smaller things. If I am honest, even that can’t happen anymore; the company has become too large for this. So, I delegate lots of work – and where possible also responsibility – to my colleagues.”

Reinier is still known for working hard, but especially for others. He takes care of DLR like the oldest family member caring for family. Also, the families’ family is not forgotten and after the hard work, there is time for hard play (mostly golf) or hard celebration (enjoying a good glass of something). So it is not surprising that he thought that celebrating his firm’s tenth anniversary was a high point in his career as an entrepreneur. To properly celebrate the growth and prosperity of the company and to create some great memories, colleagues and their partners visited Rome. This is still often fondly reminisced about during a few drinks at work.

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