M. Bayrak


"Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today"

“My passion for technology I got from home. I used to work on old cars with my father. After Inodes Engineering Bureau, I went to Kone BV through the technical office Polec and became infected with, what is commonly called ‘the elevator virus’. I have never been cured and that is why I have specialised as an elevator and escalator technician.”

Mustafa has known Reinier (through Schindler Liften BV) more than 25 years has been involved with DLR since its foundation. He has worked for DLR since 1 March 2017 as a project manager and engineer for the larger new-builds and modernisation projects.
“I like seeing that Reinier has fulfilled his dream and still works with the same passion and drive for DLR. It is fantastic to be able to have become a member of the DLR ‘family’.”

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