M. Hendriksen (RIIV-T & RIAV-T)

Senior Account Manager

"When you speak, you repeat what you know; when you listen, you may learn something."

Whoever looks through Martin’s CV will see: Deckhand & Roughneck for Penrod Drilling Company. Interesting, we thought at DLR. These turned out to be typical ‘off shore’ roles. Beginner’s positions that are not particularly suitable for dummies or wimps. A roughneck carries out important tasks on the oil rig and, in addition to being courageous, trustworthy and also has enormous stamina. Although you could call Martin the anti-gangster, these qualities are exactly what make him unmissable in our team.

“I started in the elevator sector for Lohdijk half way through the 80s. After ThyssenKrupp Liften BV, where I had several different positions, I joined DLR and had the opportunity to become an adviser. This is because I understand technology and can talk about it well. Moreover, it fascinates me because it is more that just the installations, it is about people and what they do with technology. According to others, I am a good listener and a real service provider. And that is perhaps true. More than spending hours working in an elevator shaft, I would rather be at the table resolving issues with people and arranging things for others. I am a people’s person and have therefore flourished well in the DLR’s family culture.” In addition to his work at DLR, Martin is active in the Technical Committee of the branch organisation VLR and a member of the Central Commission of elevator experts from SBCL. 

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