M.M. van Brink



After school, Mark went to work and studied and, as a result, gave himself a broad technical background. In addition to various engineer and inspector positions (also abroad) Mark has also worked as a manager and adviser for many years. It was through his extensive network that he came into contact with DLR in 2011. He was looking for a job in a smaller, more specialised company at the time.

“I had mainly worked for larger companies and advice bureaus and realised that I could do more than was being asked of me. DLR fitted the bill. I could use all of my skills as well as develop client relations because we work with short, direct lines here. And, even though I am quite internationally orientated, I also greatly enjoy the small-scale family atmosphere of our company. From the jubilee trip to Rome, the Christmas packages at the office to lunches at the directors’ table, all have given me great memories.”

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