M. van der Vliet

Contract Administration Employee

"Let go of what was, accept what is and welcome what is coming"

It was shortly after a reorganisation at ING, where Marcel had worked for 35 years in various financial/administrative positions, that DLR needed some extra financial support.

“It was just after I left ING and was considering my next career move that Reinier asked for my help. I knew him though our musical connection and knew that DLR was growing rapidly and needed new people. More acquaintances have also joined the company like this and – like me – have never left. Because I knew Reinier well privately, as well as as a conductor, I knew what to expect. So the move from a multinational to a company the size of one of its departments went well. There are certainly both advantages and disadvantages. But you cannot get me mad, even if some people here do their best to.”

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