bc. M.A. Tromp

Manager Finance

"Don’t take my kindness for weakness"

Marc’s passion for technology is about the question of how you can optimally use the available resources in an efficient way to achieve your results. The studies of International Business & Management and Supply Chain Management have certainly complimented this. He was initially passionate about his first job as a Billing and Contract administrator for Kone BV. “The company is professional and well organised, but it is also big, and my work soon became repetitive. DLR fits me better as a company. We have built a considerable reputation, but are still quite small. That is why it is ‘stop or go’ here and that is what I like. Dynamic, clear with short lines, also towards the clients, that is what I like. If we get a new client, then we all celebrate that together and I get to hear about it as quickly as the other employees. And not by chance because I read it on the intranet.”

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