J.J.P. Beentjes


"You do it well or you do not do it"

When Jorg was young, he was always dismantling his toys to see how they worked. The frustration of getting them back to their original state, that was really something. Eventually, this frustration drove him – after his education in ‘Technician Electrical Industrial Installations’ – to a career in the technical world.

“Using electrical engineering technology at Facta, by coincidence, I solved a major malfunction during assembly of the revised parts of an elevator installation. I thought this was so amazing that I wanted to continue in this line. Eventually, via a job as an elevator engineer at Otis BV and Head Engineer at AKB Elevators, in 2009, I was approached by DLR. Initially, it was regarding a job as an elevator inspector, but then I started doing advisory and project management tasks as well. A great chance to grab the job with both hands! The diversity of my work, the relationship with our clients and the varying technology that I encounter, makes my job the best.

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