J.L. Weijers (RIIV-T)


"Carpe diem"

After his study of electro-technology at the LTS, John worked for a short time for an electro-technical bureau. After this, he had to do his military service, which worked out so well for him that he chose to join the army. “I worked for a radio unit that focused on long-distant contact, and then satellite communication. During my time in Kosovo in 1999, I learned a lot about life. After five years in the army, I decided that there had been enough adventure and that it was time to return to the civil society.”

And so it was. John waved goodbye to the army and chose the civil life and a ‘normal’ job. Through Technical Bureau Swart, John started work for Kone BV, where he got his elevator diploma. After 7 years there, he moved to DLR in 2013. “I have already worked here for 4 years, with pleasure in the regions of South Holland and Zeeland. In February 2018, John successfully passed the post-bachelor certificate of Vastgoed© Inspecteur volgens de inspectiemethode RgdBoei®  (Building Inspector according to the RGDBoei method) and he is curious about where this will bring him.

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