Ing. J.D. Bazuin

Manager IT

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish -- Whole Earth Catalog"

Jeroen’s roots lie in the graphic sector. After finishing graphic school, he started as a designer for a printer in Ridderkerk. Due to his substantial interest in design, communication and processes, he trained further to become a system manager. “I could do what I most enjoyed and was involved on many fronts of ICT and business processes.”

Not surprisingly, Jeroen started work for an advice bureau in 2010, working in the area of CRM. He was active as a CRM consultant until 2015. “Technology is everywhere. It connects us and helps us be more efficient. That is where my passion lies. Not with technology itself, but in finding possibilities for improvement that helps others. This is more about creativity, this I can throw myself into in my current role because I can be active at all levels, from thinking about the strategic course to resolving email issues, fantastic.”

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