J.J.D. Westerhout

Manager Sales & Servicedesk

"We’ll either find a way or we’ll make one"

Jeffrey came to the elevator branch by accident and had the chance at Kone BV to climb the career ladder from Commercial Technical adviser to Key Account manager. Commerce is his thing and has also become his responsibility for DLR.

“What interests me is the new opportunities of elevators or escalators. And the complexity of the challenge that building managers have, related to this. Do I need 10 elevators and 10 escalators for a new shopping centre? Or double this? Which fitter should I choose? And how can I save on the high maintenance costs. I mostly enjoy providing solutions for clients and then my motto is: We’ll either find a way or we’ll make one. This mind-set is in the DNA of DLR. In addition, we can still fulfil out promises to our clients. We are large enough to be able to say that and yet small enough to be able to react quickly to changes in our clients’ needs.”

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