F.W.L. Nennie


"Sometimes you can’t make it on your own"

Before Freek joined DLR, he worked by the engineering bureau Royal Haskoning in Rotterdam. Freek worked there as a specialist in transport installations, but was looking for a way to be able to use his gained knowledge on transport installations and to further develop this. He wants to be able to deepen this knowledge. He got the chance to do this in 2013.

“My father was an energy technology teacher and it was from him that I learned about technology at an early age. So, it was very unlikely that I would go into anything other than a technical profession. And that is what happened. At DLR, I can continue this passion. I have very varied work, which makes every day different, one day in the office and one on location. In addition, I really enjoy the direct contact with clients and my employer. I not only enjoy the brainwork, but also discussing technical solutions. What I know, I like to share with others, which gives a great felling of satisfaction. And yes, that I must also have form my father!” 

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