F. de Niet

Sales & Servicedesk Employee

"Be yourself, there are enough of the others!"

Francine is a young student who started with us in the financial administration department bringing fresh ideas. She is currently studying Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is an indispensable part of the DLR family. By gaining more practical experience, she can clarify what she wants to study next.

Francine has been an indispensable force in the Sales & Service Desk department since 1/1/2019. She likes the interactive contact with the customers and the installers. The work she does is solution-oriented and broadens her way of thinking. During the period that Francine has been working for us, her technical knowledge has already expanded considerably and our advisers are happy to share their passion for technology with her! In Francine's studies, her passion increasingly lies on the marketing side. She finds it very interesting to see how, among other things, market positions are determined.

When Francine is not working at DLR, she can often be found in Nootdorp with her nose in a book. In addition, she likes to go out for dinner or drinks and tries to enjoy every day!

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