F. Milder

Marketing and Communication Employee

"It's the will, not the skill"

Our team has recently been expanded by "young" Fleur. Fleur started out as an intern and unfortunately, she, like many others, have become infected by the "lift virus". She has been employed by us as a Marketing & Communication Employee since 1-1-2020 and she does not hide her fresh and creative ideas. Fleur is an enterprising type. This is in her blood, which she shows in the department. Together with Chantal, she regularly ensures that new ideas really come to life.

Besides the fact that Fleur is employed by us, she is also a student at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is in the 3rd year of her Bachelor of Business Administration. You can also find Fleur at the hockey several times a week where she has been trainer / coach of selection teams for almost 9 years.

"The freedom, variety and trust within this company is so nice! No two days are the same. And what I find so special in this - mainly - men's world, is that I was taken in so quickly to the club of technicians. Because of their enthusiasm I have somehow come to be enthusiastic about elevator and escalator technology”.

Because she has a different and fresh view on technology, Fleur is a valuable addition to our team. She keeps us sharp, young, up to date with the latest developments and above all ensures that our message gets across: "People above technology".

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