F.D.M.C. Heeren

Sales & Servicedesk Employee

"Life is a mirror"

In 2018, Fermina has been working for DLR for five years and we are proud of that! Fermina had just finished school and was looking for her first job. Which she got. Or put better, she created pretty much herself. In her own enthusiastic way, Fermina developed her position on the Service desk and she is, for many, the first point of contact with our organisation.

“The people at DLR are also a bit of family for me. We are a really close club. I had never expected that at a technical company. I had never expected that I would ever talk so enthusiastically about elevators and escalators. The opportunities that I have had to develop myself further commercially and to independently visit clients, I have grabbed with both hands. I have realised that this is what makes your work great, being open to new experiences and anything that comes on your path, takes you further.

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