E.G.R. Blijenberg (RIIV-T)

Senior Advisor

"Everything’s possible, if you want it"

As an adviser, you get to see the most amazing places! If there is someone in our company who can tell us about the in a phenomenal way, that is Edgar. Whoever meets Edgar for the first time, may think that he is an architect sent to inspect the elevators. And that is exactly his strength; technically experienced and able to put his own twist to ‘the customer is king’ principle that we hold so dear here at DLR.

“I love my work. And especially the variation. Technology interests me enormously, particularly the thought process behind the different versions all from the same principle. You really get to see something. The BOEI inspections once brought me to a princess’s house and once I stood eye-to-eye with a top criminal. That is amazing, isn’t it? I believe that everything’s possible, if you want it.”

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