A.C. den Hertog

Back Office Adviser


In 2009 Daan, who was still working for Schindler Liften BV, was approached about joining DLR in an advisory role with more client contact. “It was a challenge for me because, before this, I was only concerned with technology. When I discussed work, it was with colleagues and not with clients. And that changes things! Now, I think client contact is the best aspect of my work. Mainly because of the fact that you have to change technical problems into a practical client-orientated solution.”

His passion for technology is not forgotten in his spare time either. Apart from computers, he loves music, light and sound and preferably all three together!

If you ask him what was his most interesting day at DLR, then he will go on about the rubber band war during packing Christmas packages in Delfgauw … well, you should have been there!

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