C.C. Westerhout-Geradts

Marketing and Communication Employee

"It was meant to be that way"

Chantal joined DLR in 2008 when she swapped the long and irregular work hours in the hospitality sector for a job with more steadfastness. An administrative position in her father’s company was not the first thing she thought of, but it turned out to be a good decision. “I believe the it was meant to be that way. My work is anything but boring. I am a real service provider; I love helping others. Whether it is in the hospitality or the technical sector, the does not matter to me. And, although I cannot repair an elevator, by now, I can hold a good conversation with clients on this subject. Technology has even began to interest me in a certain way.”

In 2016, Chantal became responsible for DLR’s marketing and communication. In this role, she is, more than before, a spider in the centre of the web. Chantal is the connection between colleagues, business friends and relations. She is the driving force behind the typical DLR traditions with a personal touch. 

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