People above technology

DLR advice group was founded on 8 April 2005 with the ambition to improve the elevator and escalator branch. More transparent, friendlier, more innovative and more human.

With our roots in elevator and escalator technology, in recent years, we have expanded our work field to include façade maintenance installations, automatic and industrial doors, and roof and fall prevention. We can also count ourselves as one of the larger, independent, technical advice bureaus in the Netherlands.

The work that we do requires specific expertise and experience, and is of an extremely technical nature. Regarding safety, confidentiality, and sustainable customer relations. In everything we do, we strive for a healthy balance between people, technology and commerce. Expertise, independence, loyalty and decisiveness are central to our approach.


Tuesday 31 August 2021

Aanvulling directie van DLR Adviesgroep / Eurlicon

Hiermee informeren wij u over ontwikkelingen binnen DLR Adviesgroep en Eurlicon.   Met ingang van heden is Eric Verwey toegetreden ... Read more
Thursday, April 1, 2021

Zonnepanelen aan (laten) brengen op je dak? Bepaal de juiste dakveiligheid conform de arbeidshygiënische strategie.

Bij dakveiligheid wordt vaak direct gedacht aan ankerpunten en lijnsystemen op het dak. Maar de Arbowet omschrijft duidelijke stappen die gevolgd... Read more